Nils Tarantik

Executive Chef, Proprietor
Nils Tarantik

Born in Enfield, England to a Swedish mother and German father Chef Nils Tarantik grew up with a diverse culinary background which only encouraged him to enjoy and taste the culinary creations of the world. Chef Nils grew up watching both his Mormor (grandmother) and mother in awe as they created Swedish classics, and embraced their quest in exposing him to various cuisines from around the world. Their saying, "Try it once, and then you can say you don't like it" became the basis for Chef Nils' culinary exploration. 
After highschool his love for food took him to Johnson & Wales University where he honed his culinary skills and his passion to cook and create. Upon graduating Chef Nils worked his way through the ranks at various New England country clubs and local restaurants, ultimately earning the position of Executive Chef at multiple locations. His desire to learn, create, and challenge himself did not end there, which eventually brought him south to sunny Sarasota, Florida.
Upon arrival he joined the team at Flemings, Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar as a Sous Chef absorbing everything the 'corporate' world of culinary arts had to offer. After a couple years the creative juices began to flow again in his veins and he decided to walk away from the comforts of corporate restaurants. 
He fully immersed himself in the creation process again when he joined the team at Duval's at the end of 2012. Since joining the Duval's team he has become part owner and developed and expanded the menu, while maintaining the focus on sourcing local produce and fish from around the area.

Cuisine:Seafood, Continental, ,